Oasia Hotel Downtown


Oasia hotel downtown

Jarrod Lim Design contributed as part of the team of interior designers from the studio of Patricia Urquiola.

Jarrod Lim Design was commissioned by the Studio of Patricia Urquiola, Milan, to assist in the interior design development of the Oasia Downtown Hotel in central Singapore. The role included working very closely with WOHA architects and the interior design team from Studio Urquiola.The brief required us to develop a total of 314 hotel rooms, three restaurants, three swimming pools, one bar and all other public spaces. Following the inspiration from WOHA’s unique exterior the design was based on a combination of visible and discreet spaces, blending inside and out. The customer experience is truly unique with an outdoor check-in lobby on both the 12th storey and the 21st storey, surrounded by greenery. The restaurants were designed in Studio Urquiola’s signature style based on Far East Hospitality’s most popular brands including Marmalade Pantry and the Cin Cin bar. The interior of each room includes many custom designed features from custom designed rugs, lighting, beds and even the tiles in the shower. Every aspect of the design was tightly controlled to ensure a complete user experience.