Indies Trader III


Indies trader III

Indies Trader are one of the most famous surf and dive charter companies on the planet. Founded by the legendary Martin Daly whose pioneering work with surf brand, Quicksilver, changed the face of surf exploration, surf photography and surfing forever. Surfers all around the world have dreamed about being aboard the famed Indies Trader and catching waves with its legendary captain.

The Indies Trader III is just one of their vessels exploring the almost-mythical surf breaks off the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia.The Indies Trader III carries with it a long legacy. Almost every famed surfing professional and surf industry heavyweight has a story on the Indies Trader boats.

Jarrod Lim Design was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to redesign the cabins and ensuites of this famous vessel adding a level of luxury not normally seen aboard surf charter tours. Marble, granite and solid wood are a feature of the the upgraded bathrooms, with the cabins receiving a similar level of treatment to provide the ultimate in comfort.