American Hardwood Export Council

International Furniture Fair Singapore 2018


The outstanding American Hardwood pavilion, designed by Jarrod Lim introduced architects and designers to the exciting potential of thermally modified American Hardwood Timber. Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) is simply timber that has undergone various heat treatments to reduce its natural sugars in order to improve its resistance to rot and decay in wet conditions. Since most American hardwood species are mainly suitable for interior use, the development of American hardwood TMT is opening up a whole new range of exterior applications. 

Jarrod Lim was commissioned to create a booth and exhibits to display the incredible potential of American hardwood TMT timber. The award-winning design created a space that blurred the lines between interior and exterior showing off many different aspects of the material. He also designed a set of outdoor furniture called the Fin collection that displayed the striking grain and rich colour of the Red Oak TMT timber.